About Wholesale

We are a large retail and wholesale elevator shoes company. Because many customers often need to change lifts shoes, and the number is not large, we must meet the needs of this part of consumers. Then we attach great importance to wholesale customers. From another perspective, we provide reliable and effective purchase channels for a large number of merchants who need wholesale.


1. As a wholesale merchant, you can buy goods height increased shoes online without going to a foreign market, saving time, travel expenses, etc., without the need to consume a lot of physical strength and energy.


2. You can also grasp the latest styles of products in real time, easily purchase new styles, and increase the return rate.


3. According to your wholesaler's category, region, difference, etc. and give them different levels of discount ratio, the wholesale price given to them varies from person to person.


4. You can get better products at lower prices. Because if you buy from our company, it is equivalent to buying from a production base and other places, bypassing local middlemen or agents directly, and the price is lower.


5. We display our products in the form of an online mall. The downstream wholesaler orders directly online through the mall. The ordering process is the same as the online shopping process. You can choose to pay online or directly through our corporate email: support@shoeslifts.com Contact us for more discounts.